Investment banking:

Investment banks are particular kind of banks which provides financial services for other companies; they are related to providing Capitals to companies, governments, and other entities. Some of the investment banks are Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse and Citibank

Investment banking

Unlike the other commercial bank’s investment banks will not take deposits. The investment bank business has two parts; one is the sell side, and the other is the buy side. The sell side deals with the creation, promotion, analysis and the sales of securities to the purchase portion of the industry; this involves underwriting securities offerings which are to fund and bring them to the market.

The buy side involves large scale buying of securities, mutual funds, Pension funds, Private equity funds, hedge funds and insurance firms for money management purposes.

Apart from providing companies with capitals, they advise on issuing new debt and equity, underwrite these offerings and helps in security. They also guide companies in mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.

The following are the top investment bankers:

  1. Jorge Paulo Lemann.
  2. Andre Esteves.
  3. Ihor Kolomoyskyi.
  4. James Lee Jr.

Jorge Paulo Lemann:

Jorge was born in Brazil to a Swiss immigrant, who was a dairy manufacturer.  He is one of the richest brazilin in the world. Jorge did his school at Harvard University, but Paulo didn’t seem to like it much there, Paulo said that it was too cold for him there and that he missed the beach and the sun. He also has played tennis at the Wimbledon and also won five times at the Brazilian national tennis championship.

Paulo then founded the Banco Garantia, which Paulo developed into one of the most prestigious and innovative investment banks in the country. He then later sold it to Credit Suisse First Boston. Later he founded an equity company called the Ambev which controlled the beer market in South America. This company merged with Interbrew which is a European beer equity firm, and they bought a North American business, and this made him the ‘King of beers.’

Andre Esteves:

Andre is a Brazilian business man, who was born in a middle-class family and did his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Federal University. After graduating, he joined Pactual. Later he left Pactual along with few other people working at Pactual and founded the BTG, a global investment company.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi:

Ihor is one of the richest men in Ukraine, he had lost so much money but still the charts count him as one of the most generous people on Earth. Kolomoyskyi graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute. He is the co- founder of the Private Bank.

James Lee Jr.:

James Lee is known for developing the leveraged finance markets. He had started his career in Australia where he headed the Chemical Merchants bank which was later merged with JP-Morgan. He died on June 2015, and he was the Vice Chairman of JP Morgan till that time.